b a l b e s i q u e
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Our Balbesique Story

In another part of the planet, in a land called Injland, there lived a small round creature called Balbesiques. These cheerful creatures possessed distinctive abilities: each Balbesique possessed exceptional intelligence or talent. Some individuals were adept at magic, while others were explorers and travelers or exceptional artists.

One day, the sages Tes and Shitsu made the decision to meet and capture the remarkable moments in Balbesique's life through their artwork. They spent many days painting each Balbesique by hand, giving each one its own unique character and charm.

After the sages had completed their masterpieces, they opted to transform them into an NFT collection to showcase their remarkable creations to the global community. The Balbesiques socxld, Crláze, m4lka, godwalk and panic came to turn the idea into a reality This is how the Balbesique collection was created.

Each Balbesique NFT is an individual with its own distinct characteristics and narrative. They're inviting everyone to embark on an unforgettable journey through Injland, where everyone can revel in the thrills of adventure.

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